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 The intention of Celebrating Eros is to create a consensual erotic community and nurture embodied sexual expression and exploration. It is a safe and facilitated space for curious souls passionate to connect, express, inspire and educate themselves and others in the richness of living in, and supporting a sex positive world. Gatherings range from beginners workshops to community experiences for those who have some experience in embodiment practices.

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Who Are We?

 Danniel Shervey and Susan Stark are Brisbane based erotic adventurers with a shared passion for consensual erotic community.   Together they founded Celebrating Eros and offer experiential sex education workshops and community experiences that nurture embodied sexual learning. expression and exploration.  They are both Certified Sexological Bodyworkers with a wealth of eclectic life and professional experience. Susan and Danniel are currently President and former President/Vice President of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia respectively, and are avidly committed to promoting the value of our profession.   You can learn more about their work at www.somaticloving.com and www.susanstark.com.au. 



Beginners Sexuality.
Somatic Sexuality
Tantra Training
Sex Education
Sex Therapy

Meetup-style workshops.  For beginners

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Adult Sex Education
Somatic Sex Therapy
Erotic Groups
Erotic Community

Skill-based workshops. Foundational Workshops.   Teaching

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Adult Play Party
Tantra Party
Somatic Sex Education
Beyond Swinger Parties
Sex Training

Practice spaces.  Community events. The experience

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