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Danniel is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Gestalt Therapist and  Massage Therapist.  With over 20 years experience working with the body,  and nearly a decade in sexuality, Danniel is now using his skills and  knowledge to guide people into their full sexual expression, free of  guilt, shame and fear.  Danniel brings his passion for sexual freedom,  authentic expression and social justice to his work to enrich the lives  of his clients and their intimate loved ones. 


More about Celebrating Eros


Celebrating Eros is a community who welcomed diversity, curiosity, awkwardness and creating a compassionate container in which we can shed shame and fear to begin reclaiming and exploring our authentic sexual selves through individual embodiment practices.  

This is a community built on a strong foundation of authentic consent. This is NOT a dating or hookup site. Please look elsewhere if that is your intention. Celebrating Eros is a place to explore pleasure and increased awareness of our own sexuality, for ourselves, by ourselves within group space surrounded by others seeking similar outcomes. 

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