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At Celebrating Eros we aspire to offer the members of our growing community the lived, experiential knowledge that they can use to enhance and explore their sexuality as individuals, partners, lovers and members of society.

For those new to the world of sacred sexuality, the events listed here offer you a way to gently test the waters, as it were, and find a way to deepen your experience in a way that suits you personally.

Orgasmic Yoga Workshop - March 2020

Come back to your body

Cultivating a solo practice of self pleasure is cornerstone to expanding and deepening our sexual experiences both with ourselves and others.  Often called Orgasmic Yoga, this is a regular mindful erotic practice that allows us to move beyond our habits and limitations and create new pathways of pleasure.

In this workshop we will explore the key elements of Orgasmic Yoga and share ideas on its purpose and how to incorporate this technique into your life.  After initial instruction a safe and facilitated space will be created for self exploration.

Why would I self pleasure in a group? Orgasmic Yoga is not about voyeurism or exhibitionism, it's about acceptance and honouring. By self pleasuring (solo) in group with others who are seeking freedom from  guilt, shame and fear, ecstasy is allowed to fill our being in ways we (usually) have rarely felt before.

Join us at Woolloongabba from 6:30pm. Doors close at 6:45 sharp. Please bring a sarong and yoga mat or something similar for the floor. Also bring any self pleasure items  (oil etc) you may wish to use.

Cost: $25 Single. $40 Couple.
Address given closer to the date, and after booking. 


Orgasmic Yoga Practice Circle - Feb 2020


Explore with others

Customer A practice space for those who have completed at least one Orgasmic Yoga  Meetup and want to experience more. This is where we practice solo self  pleasure in a group space.

In this group there will be minimal  instruction on technique, with some input around possible methodology  and intention; how to get the best out of your practice.

Doors open at 7pm and close promptly at 7:15pm. Bring something to lie on, and wear  comfortable clothing. Also bring your preferred self pleasure items  (oils etc)

Location given closer to the event. Please do not RSVP if you have not attended the "Orgasmic Yoga" workshop. Please email to confirm your attendance.

If you've already done some exploring of your sexuality and would like to go deeper and learn or experience what else you can achieve, click the link below to visit our Expand page.